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Thread: Big Brother is watching you: the DOT has your number!...

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    Big Brother is watching you: the DOT has your number!...

    Scale houses in WA, OR, CA, IN, OH, KY, AZ, & TX are linking their systems. This change will take place with all scales. This change will take place with scale houses by September of 2015. Even if the scale is closed, a camera will take a photo of your DOT number. They are recording the time you enter and exit their state. If you have inspection, the officers are now getting these reports to show in digital real time when you crossed their scales.

    So for reading between the lines: MAKE SURE YOUR LOGS ARE DONE PROPERLY!...

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    This has been in the works for a couple years now. There's a reason why government is demanding drivers switch to e-logs... Harder to manipulate. It's getting harder and harder for the drivers to fool the system

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    We can imagine this was only a matter of time. As technology allows for more seamless monitoring, it takes away the ability to fudge the numbers.

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