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Thread: I need a job and have a class A

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    I need a job and have a class A

    I have my cdl a and need a job but I cant seem to get in anywhere
    I have 3 seat belt tickets within the last 3 years and 4 years ago I got a misdemeanor that was drug related weed
    And have no experience just trucking school I need help

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    Hi Austin_S

    Sorry no one got around to this more quickly. With your situation, school is the way to go. Have you tried applying anywhere online?

    If not, I would suggest starting at http://www.truckdrivingjobs.com and see what you can find. There are several companies there that will take on students. Take a look at their sites and see their guidelines - one of them might be willing to take you on.

    Let us on forum know how it goes and good luck to you.

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