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  1. How the U.S. Trucking Industry Is Keeping Up With the Economy
  2. Facial Recognition Technology Cracking Down on CDL Fraud
  3. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update - U.S. Energy Info Adm (EIA) Release Date: 8/17/2015
  4. Final Rule Require E-logs
  5. Restored Evel Knievel Mack haul rig to travel to GATS!
  6. Study says demand for low cost trucks will grow (via Fleet Owner Newsline)
  7. Feds Force Alabama Trucking Company To Make-up For Misclassified Employees
  8. New CNG fueling station opens in Newport, Tenn. (via Overdrive online)
  9. Logging company ordered to pay drivers $113k in back wages (Overdrive online)
  10. CRST asks FMCSA for split sleeper berth time allowance (Overdrive online)
  11. FHWA - U.S. Trans Secr Foxx Awards $7.1 Mil to 7 States, National Park
  12. FHWA - EDC News
  13. FHA Study Addresses Nationwide Truck Parking Shortage
  14. Fatal Error Kills Motorist and 6 Year-Old Daughter, Shuts Down 405 Freeway
  15. Truck Driver Caught Carrying Meth Across Border, Claims Cartel Made Him Do It
  16. The Great Train Escape
  17. Anti-Sex Trafficking Exhibit is Coming to a Truck Stop Near You
  18. Major Insurance Claim!!! *must read*
  19. Truck Driver shot on I-94
  20. Something New General Motors and Navistar
  21. Celadon buys Tango Transport
  22. Driver shortage concerns
  23. Driver shortage concerns
  24. rosecution: “Serial Killer” Trucker Killed 5 or More Since 1997
  25. The 9th season of "Ice Road Truckers" has wrapped up!
  26. E-log rule to be in publication by the end of November
  27. Top 10 Congested Freight Intersections
  28. Insurers will not be paying on the Tracy Morgan crash settlements
  29. Top 10 issues that concern Owner Operators
  30. Cargo Thefts on the Rise during Thanksgiving
  31. the Make A Wish Foundation Mother's Day Convoy
  32. Aggregated Road Alerts from Twitter
  33. New Fines for Carriers, Brokers and Shippers by the FMCSA
  34. Company Drivers at Werner will Receive Pay Increase
  35. TCA will be Launching a Wellness Program in January
  36. TCA Has A New President
  37. New Lease-Purchase Program at Super Service
  38. Florida Driver Killed by his Own Truck
  39. The Annual Wreaths Across America Convoy
  40. Truck Passengers will be required to wear seatbelts by the DOT
  41. More Bad News About Parking
  42. Here are the top 20 worst states for parking for Truck Drivers
  43. Do you like listening to Tony Justice on the Road?
  44. $50 Million Fourth Quarter 2015 net loss by Navistar
  45. Rep. Richard Hanna is ready to Retire
  46. 35 Years in Denton, Texas
  47. Hotel Network for Drivers
  48. What were some of the top trucking stories for 2015?
  49. Layoffs Happening at Daimler Trucks North America
  50. Trucking Employment on The Rise
  51. C.R. England Raises Pay for Trainees
  52. Truckers May Avoid Rhode Island if the State adds on Trucks-only Toll Plan
  53. Older Trucks being Banned by Ports
  54. Used Sleeper Truck are on a Sales Decline
  55. Highway Angel Saves Man in Cardiac Arrest
  56. Pay Increase for Drivers at U.S. Express
  57. DEA used Company's Truck Got Driver Killed
  58. $175 Million in Truck Cargo was Stolen in 2015
  59. Hours-of-Service Waivers needed due to Winter Storm Jonas
  60. Truckload Carriers Association announces the 2016 Best Fleets to Drive For
  61. Warning False trooper Making Stops
  62. 45k to driver who refusal to Drive case.
  63. Trucking Companies Throttle Back Expansion Plans
  64. Trailer Tire Being Recalled by Firestone
  65. TCA Names the divisional winners of the National Fleet Safety Awards
  66. The Driver Shortage
  67. The Largest Auction of the Year held by Ritchie Bros.
  68. XPO Logistics is Suing YRC Worldwide
  69. CHP settle case with Beaten Truck Driver
  70. Autonomous Trucks
  71. Kim Williams Passes away at 68
  72. Coffee Companies are Marketing to Truck Drivers
  73. Truck 'N Park
  74. NASCAR has a new "Official Hauler"
  75. 10,700 items sold at the Ritchie Bros. Orlando Auction
  76. Bill Weaver's "Every Mile I Drive"
  77. New Truck Lease Program for Drivers at Celadon
  78. Finalists for "Distinguished Woman in Logistics"
  79. Marten Transport Has To Pay Driver $00,000 in Back Wages
  80. Roadside Inspections Saved 472 Lives in 2012
  81. Ryder Offering Three New Classes of Pre-owned Commercial Trucks
  82. The Annual NTEA Work Truck Show
  83. Houston Traffic stalls for a Dancing Naked Woman
  84. 2016 Best Fleets to Drive for by TCA
  85. Overdrive Picks 2015 Owner Operator of the Year
  86. Flooding is causing highway issues in the South
  87. Bernie Sanders is not The Truckers Friend
  88. PacLease Offers New Online Driver Training Program
  89. Tractor-Trailer Operation will Continue to Migrate to Automated Control
  90. Shut Down for a S.C. Driver and a Mass. Trucking Company
  91. Two Suicide-By-Truck Attempts on St. Patrick's Day
  92. Have You thought About Going Into Auto Hauling?
  93. The FMCSA Shuts Down a Calif-based driver for Multiple DUI's
  94. 100,000th I-Shift-equipped truck sold by Volvo in North America
  95. Michigan man pleads guilty to falsely certifying and marking cargo tanks
  96. Who has OOIDA been donating to fr this election season?
  97. Prime Wants Money Back From the State Of NY
  98. Truck Driver Killed In Houston
  99. ATRI states that Traffic Cost Trucking Industry Close to $50B in 2014
  100. ProSight Has a New Drug-Testing Program
  101. The Turnover rate at Large Truckload Fleets Continue to Rise
  102. Owner-Operators File Class Action Lawsuit against Carrier
  103. Pennsylvania Receives Speed Limit Increase
  104. Mother's Day Convoy Breaks World Record
  105. Drugs, Beer found in cab of Tennessee-based Driver
  106. Cargo Tanks Manufactured by TYTAL are being taken Off The Road
  107. ChampTruck's Race Happening This Weekend.
  108. Forbes: Top 10 Cities To Drive In
  109. Settlement
  110. Gats
  111. Truckers - Should You Be Forced To Cover Loads?
  112. Small carriers being hammered by bad rates
  113. Fmcsa
  114. September News
  115. Electric-Powered Truck
  116. Fuel
  117. Eld
  118. Election
  119. Registration for GATS
  120. Uber
  121. California Trucking Show
  122. Protest
  123. News
  124. Parking
  125. Hurricane
  126. Ohio In Need Of Drivers
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  132. New Rules
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  138. Mexican Carriers
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  140. Medical Exam
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  146. Busy Roads for Holidays
  147. Tickets
  148. Deadliest Crush
  149. Weather
  150. GOP Reforms Driver Pay
  151. Winter Storms
  152. MISSING PERSON - Phoenix, AZ
  153. Weapon inside
  154. Trump
  155. Transportation news
  156. Toll Roads
  157. Northwest Storm
  158. Saving
  159. Insurance
  160. Trucker Rescued
  161. CRST Court Rules
  162. Big Merge in a trucking industry!
  163. Trucker Shot
  164. New Law in Arkansas
  165. Tesla Truck
  166. Trump rules
  167. ELD Mandate
  168. ELD Chalange